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Question: Do you charge for the initial consultation meeting?

Answer: No, the initial consultation meeting is on us. We would be more than happy to meet or discuss with you about the specific needs of your corporation. With this information we will prepare a proposal specially customized for your needs, and the first meeting is absolutely FREE!

Question: I only have a small office. Why would I want to have a business database?

Answer: There are many benefits about establishing a business database:

  1. Improved efficiency vs. duplicate data entry;
  2. Improved accuracy vs. misspelled data or wrong data;
  3. Office automation improves the overall performance.

After all, a business database doesn’t mean huge dollar amount of investment. A-Tech can recommend different database tools that fit both your need and your budget!

Question: Why do I want to sell merchant on-line?

Answer: Electronic commerce is relatively new, but all indications show that it will be a major commercial influence within only a few years. Over 110 million people worldwide are now connected to the Internet, and online stores have nearly unlimited potential.  Even the most conservative estimates indicate that e-commerce growth in the next few years will be enormous. From approximately $507 million spent in 1996 by online shoppers, figures for online sales in the year 2000 are estimated at $6.2 billion to $8 billion and higher. While the biggest names in retailing are establishing a presence on the Internet, stores of all sizes have nearly equal opportunities to attract customers and expand their business. With A-Tech’s fast and easy-to-use shopping cart facilities, all merchants have an  opportunity for an incredible e-commerce presence.


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